technical features

Aqualander FIT

Sea shoes with a thick rubber sole, adjustable fabric upper, hydrodynamic projection.
Suitable for long and rugged walking path.
Glide in the water: good.
Boost performance: breaststroke excellent, other styles good.
Protection excellent.
Grip boost: good.
Very suitable for coasteering, canyoning.
Manufactured by Ballop Korea, design WM Italy
Aqualander Zen
Sea shoes in a single mold of NBR, Nitrile Butadiene Rubber, with hydrodynamic projection.
Self-cleaning sole.
Suitable for easy paths, sandy and pebble beaches, rocky bottoms.
Glide in the water: excellent.
Boost performance: excellent in all styles. Protection: good.
Grip boost: good.
Very suitable for surfing, windsurf and sup boards, water parks, pools, boat decks...
Made in Italy by RGE, Montorso (AN) on a WMDS design Italy for Ballop Korea

protect your feet, walk, run, dive and swim better, seamlessly

From experience, everyone knows that the traditional sea shoes are useful as a protection but then reveal a nuisance during swimming because they create drag and almost cancel the thrust of the feet. In contrast, fins or small fins strengthen the kicking of swimming but prevent running and walking, and remove the feeling of free swimming.

From this observation was born the idea for a sea shoe that would have given more thrust than the barefoot, protection during the walk and would have maintained the sensations of free swimming.
To address this problem we have studied the hydrodynamic flows on the tip and on the upper of the foot and its anatomy, made models and prototypes of shoes, we tested them with common users and swimming specialists and eventually we built a new product.

The result is the Aqualander swimming shoe that fit perfectly to all swimming styles, a significant increase in thrust compared to bare feet, rapid emptying, walking and running like barefoot and adequate ventilation in summer climates. It makes pleasant walking on rocks or pebbles. It protects from corals, sharp rocks, sea urchins. On sandy coasts it protects from hot sand or sting-fish hidden in the sand.