sea shore

Aqualander shoes, the best way to live the sea shore

The right sea shoe for beach swimmers

For everyone and for the whole family.
For walking, running and swimming on the beach in freedom and safety.

Enjoy the beach time,

It seems strange but until today on many beaches, people have had to choose whether to protect their feet or swim freely.

Let's think about the stones or pebble beaches that make it sometimes painful or difficult to walk, to the sandy beaches too hot in the sun, to the beaches surrounded by corals, rocks or dangerous marine animals, sea urchins or stingfish hidden in the sand, and many other situations of which everyone has some memories.

Every time we had to decide whether to risk barefoot or use some kind of protection: the normal slippers or flip-flops, we had to leave them on the shore and hope that nobody took them; the sea shoes that we kept wearing while swimming became a horrible experience because those shoes created resistance and basically prevented us from swimming freely.
If then met a shallow rock bottom, perhaps full of sea urchins, to use the shoes to get into the water was absolutely necessary and then maybe swim keeping the shoes in our hands.

Aqualander shoes finally take away these problems. They not only protect the foot, but allow us to walk normally, to dive and then swim as if we were barefoot, and make it even better because the hydrodynamic shape of the toe improves the performance of the feet, and removes the turbulence that creates resistance to the advancement
A huge improvement compared to other beach shoes but also compared to bare feet.
Aqualander doesn't take away the feeling of freedom and the pleasure that we have swimming barefoot, making us swim better, longer and with less effort.  in any style of swimming.

Cuba girl


Cuba, on a sandy beach a girl dive and swim butterfly stroke.
Aqualander zen gives more power and makes easier this difficult style.