why Aqualander
Why Swimmers Need Water Shoes and why Aqualander is right for you.

Aqualander change the way we live the sea shore

Beach swimmers need sea shoes for many reasons: to easy walk on pebbles and rough terrain, to improve grip on slippery soils, to protect themselves from stings of Sea Urchin, stingfish and other marine animals, to facilitate water drainage, to protect himself from the cold and the heat of water or sand.

Until now, however, all the sea shoes on the market had a serious flaw: they greatly worsened swimming and actually took away the pleasure of swimming freely.

Aqualander are the first water shoes expressly designed to improve the thrust of your feet in swimming.
While they might not increase your thrust as much a swim fin, other water shoes create a drag and actually decrease or delete your thrust.
Aqualander improves your experience and ability to swim not only compared to other shoes but also compared to bare feet.
Aqualander keeps the feeling of natural swimming with every swimming style.

Aqualander, there is no reason to settle for less.