Rome wasn't built in a day

EXpo Riva Schuh from 11 to 14 jan. 2020. A great number of contacts all over Europe. ZEN Aqualander was the biggest innovation in the world of summer shoes and was presented during the trend rewiew of the year by Carlo Sorrenti, a well known marketing consultant.

Zen on bycicle


Markus from Germany sends us this beautiful picture of how he uses his Zen shoes: Not only for swimming but as barefoot shoes and for cycling.
And he says everyone looks at them-

this is the box and the two colours of the production thatis on sale in Europe on Amazon. The shoes are on sales also in two selected shop in Milano, Mart sub and Sportissimo.

Aqualander Zen shoes are on sale on Amazon from today 7 June 19
I thank all those who are collaborating: R.G.E. of Loreto, Ancona, Italy that produces them, Mouldprotec of Padua, Italy, which made the moulds, Ballop Korea that financed the construction.
I thank all those who tried the prototypes and gave us useful suggestions, including Alessandro...

here we are, the production of aqualander ZEN is about to begin. We are working on selling to amazon immediately in Italy and soon in Europe. We hope to make it before the summer. Thanks for your patience to those who are waiting to buy.

New color samples have arrived. They are Orange fluo, transparent Blue, Yellow fluo, solid Black, Lime Green fluo, solid pale Blue. As we will make only a few of them, what colors would you buy right now?