COASTEERING SARDINIA n.5 marine protected area Sinis


Discovering a shipwreck and remains of what may have been part of Atlantis

After Funtana meiga village we take a white road with large holes to the beach of Seu which is surrounded by blocks of dry seaweed that look like rocks. We leave the car, put on the Aqualanders and take the easy path on the top of the cliff to Capo Seu where there is a lighthouse. We continue to the remains of the wreck on the beach and then to Maimoni beach where there is a nuragic well, one of the remains of the Atlantean civilization.
From the beach of Maimoni we dive in a sea with rocky bottoms, full of fish and life and we return to the south driven by a weak current in favour. Crossing the low seabed between an outcrop of rocks and the shore, with aqualanders we can walk on the stones of the seabed and then again help us to swim.
We arrive at the wreck which is a small cargo ship with a strange round cistern on a 10m depth and it is exciting to dive.
After the wreck, we could have gone out and returned on foot because continuing the water is more turbid, the bottom less interesting, and after two hours in the water we are cold. Challenging but exciting ride