Natural Coasteering
a new way to experience the seashore

Coastering Sardinia on the clues of Atlantis

following the signs of the myth of Atlantis

 seguendo i segni del mito di Atlantide

Mesa Longa, Capo Mannu, Sardinia
Mesa Longa, Capo Mannu, Sardinia
Nuraghe Barumini
Nuraghe Barumini

Explore a coast from the shore, swim in the open sea and observe the marine environment.
Direct contact with nature, equipment reduced to a minimum, we leave and return to the same point, walking, looking at nature and landscape, swimming calmly, observing the seabed and the sea animals.
This is the natural Coasteering.
No helmets, no ropes and carabiners, no floating vests, belts or equipment bags, no diving or adrenaline climbing but follow a path to find ourselves and to know our limits.
Natural coasteering is an activity suitable for everyone and for all ages, ideal for those who want to lose a few pounds.
You just need to know how to swim discreetly and love the sea.
The equipment consists only of a mask and snorkel, a pair of shoes and a suit if you are cold or the water is too cold.
Any sports shoe will be fine while walking but it will be a hindrance in swimming.
The Aqualander shoes mod. Coast or mod.Zen are the ideal aid for this activity.
You will walk and climb in comfort but you will swim better, longer and with less effort.

Discover yourself and your limits in the wild nature of Sardinia.
it takes almost an hour to walk and a little more to swim to complete this beautiful tour that will make us discover one of the natural wonders of the coast of Sardinia, the bay of the natural Arch.

Discover yourself and your limits in the wild nature of Sardinia following the signs of the myth of Atlantis. From Su Pallosu's cove, we swim to the islet of an ancient tuna trap. We explore on foot Isla Tonnara, enter the water on the windward coast and swim in the open sea up to the splendid and wild beach of...

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