the new benchmark among water shoes 

Aqualanders are the first water shoes that don't hinder you while you swim, are designed to improve the thrust of your feet in any swimming style and let you walk, run and dive in comfort.
Aqualander enhance your swimming feeling and performance even compared to bare feet. Enjoy the pleasure of natural swimming:      You are a better swimmer than you think

Aqualander ZEN: Skintight water shoes in a single mould of synthetic rubber, hydrodynamic projection, self cleaning sole from sand.  Suitable for easy paths, sandy and pebble beaches, rocky bottoms, surfing, board and as boat shoe. Worldwide patented Italian design engineered and MADE IN ITALY by RGE Loreto Italy for  Ballop Korea and Aqualander Milano Italy

Aqualander Zen in Europe at 25,00

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why Aqualander

Beach swimmers need water shoes for easy walking on pebbles and rough terrain, improved grip,  feet protection,  water drainage and easy maintenance.
Unfortunately all the beach shoes on the market don't care about hydrodynamics. So they are a drag while you swim and actually remove the pleasure of swimming freely.
Aqualander is completely different and new
Aqualander is not a beach shoe that hinder swimming.

Aqualander is not a small fins that prevent you from walking.

walk, run, dive 'n swim better: seamlessly

Aqualander FIT: Beach shoes with a thick rubber sole, comfortable fabric upper, hydrodynamic projection. Suitable for long and rugged walking path, Designed for all-terrain coasteering, sharp rocks, coral reefs bottoms. Worldwide patented Italian design, Made in China by BALLOP Korea

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change the way we live the seashore

Wherever and whoever you are

Aqualander protects from hot sand or pebbles on the beach!  Corals, sea urchins, rocks in shallow water or stingfish hidden in the sand will not be a problem.  You'll swim better than  barefoot and the drag of other sea shoes will not bother you anymore!

Coasteering, seashore exploring

The new way to experience the seashores: with your Aqualander shoes you can explore the coast walking or swimming, in freedom and safety, in a natural and seamless way.

It's the natural coasteering

SUP and windsurfing

Even water sports take advantage of Aqualander shoes: more grip on the board and protected feet for your tricks. But if you fall you'll swim like a pro and get the right push for getting back in the race. 

Wave surfing

Surfers have discovered that Aqualander Zen shoes enhance the grip on the board, provide protection and give that extra boost in kicking that sometimes you need to take a wave.

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Aqualander: the ultimate amphibious design

drawings from registered patent
drawings from registered patent

Patented form and concepts
Aqualander is a hydrodynamic water shoe, not a short fin or a plain sea shoe. No other water shoe has the features of Aqualander and will never have them because Aqualander shoes are patented in their form and concept.
Anatomical natural shape
Aqualander allows you to walk in an absolute natural and comfortable way. The small protrusion on the tip does not hit the ground.
The models have a skin shoe style, with anatomical internal space tight to the foot but wide for the fingers.
Hydrodynamic efficiency
The hydrodynamic tip removes the whirls and increases the thrust compared to the barefoot.
While they do not increase your thrust as much a swim fin, no performance comparison is possible with other water shoes that actually decrease or delete the feet's thrust.
Moreover in Zen model, the upper 
design flanked by three ribs, canalizes the water flows.
Four styles swim training.
The small projection of Aqualanders is a prolongation of the upper of the foot and helps the swimmer to use the same technique of barefoot swimming, different from swimming with fins.
You will feel better the thrust of the foot to improve performances in every swimming styles.
Beginners who learn swimming with fins, sometimes than have difficulty to swim without them. Learning to swim with Aqualander prepares you to swim better barefoot and helps you to learn quicker and easier.
Comfort and protection
Aqualanders have a complete shoe and not just a strap behind the heel, so they are more comfortable and protective than short fins or flip-flops.
Perfect size choice
sizes length chart of Aqualander is spaced of 6.5 mm. (Zen model) or 10mm (Fit model)
Almost all fins and most of sea-shoes have a chart spaced every two sizes. (13mm)
You will then find the right size of Aqualander much closer to your ideal size.

If you need water shoes, you need Aqualander

Water park, pools

If you don't need only protection but also want to swim, in pools you'll discover that Aqualander gives more power to your kicking, don't change the sensations of free swimming and will make you feel a better swimmer

Kayak, rafting, canyoning, etc.

Whenever you need water shoes you may also need to swim and protect your bare feet without losing sensitivity.   Why then settle for something less than Aqualander?

water shoes Aqualander zen
water shoes Aqualander zen

.."During my pool tests, I sometimes meet people who refuse to use water shoes or short fins.
They say that water shoes reduce the feet's thrust, while short fins inhibit the natural swim styles.
They are right, plain water shoes create strong resistance to advancement and don't push, so often people prefer to keep their legs still to save effort.
Short fins are designed to give much more thrust than the barefoot, but induce to a different posture and movements of the legs compared to natural swimming. Short Fins also hinder breaststroke swim and allow you to walk only for short distances or in an inconvenient or ridiculous way" 
And that's why I invented Aqualander water shoes

The Aqualander project:
Seashore explore and coasteering

The Aqualander project stems from the desire to explore the sea coasts in the most simple and natural way. The sea coasts can be explored by walking or swimming. But sometimes you will have to walk over shallow rocks or even climb, dive or jump in the water.

Beach shoes available until now create drag while swimming and nullify the thrust of the foot. There was a need for a shoe that in addition to protecting during the walk, would not create drag but help the swimming.
The Aqualander shoe models are equipped with a hydrodynamic projection that reduces resistance to forward motion while swimming, provides a small increase of the thrust compared to the barefoot and does not hamper when walking because it's reduced length does not interfere with the ground. Coasteering with Aqualander shoes allows you to carry the smallest snorkeling equipment and to explore nature freely.

These beach shoes also meet the different needs of beachgoers and water sports enthusiasts.
In fact, they protect the feet from rough grounds and on pebble beaches, protect from marine organisms in the shallow waters and at the same time improve the grip of the feet over a rock or a surfboard. Aqualander let you walk and run on a beach of pebbles as on a sandy beach, and then dive and swim seamlessly.

As opposed to other beach shoes, the Aqualanders will increase the performance, durability and ease of your swimming, help also the less experienced swimmers and will make you feel a better swimmer.
As opposed to fins The Aqualanders will let you retain the feeling of natural swimming.